at PULSE & Camp PULSE Summer Finale

Open Call is the competition connecting dancers to career opportunities in a professional performance atmosphere. Our specialized judges' panel includes today's top dancers, talent agents, directors, and choreographers. Through these various industry collaborations, we offer unique pathways for dancers of all ages to transition from the pre-professional level to the professional working industry. 

We invite all registered dancers to perform any number of their choice (solo, duet, trio, quartet, small group, large group, etc) in front of a panel of Open Call Judges. Each routine will be scored and will also receive audio/visual critique. Performers will have the opportunity to be chosen to:

*Dancers participating in Open Call Competition must arrive Monday, June 26th to check in from 6:00-8:00pm. Competition will begin Tuesday, June 27th at 9:00am.


Performance Divisions

Solo: 1 dancer on stage
Title Solo: 1 dancer on stage
Duo: 2 dancers on stage
Trio: 3 dancers on stage
Small Group: 4-9 dancers on stage
Large Group: 10-15 dancers on stage
Line: 16-21 dancers on stage
Production: 22+ dancers on stage

Standard Fee



Late Fee (One Month Prior)


Age Divisions

Petite: 6 & Under
Junior: 7 – 9
Pre-Teen: 10 – 12
Teen: 13 – 15
Senior: 16 – 18
Pre-Professional: 19 & Older


Scoring Breakdown

BLACK DIAMOND: 389 – 400
HIGH GOLD: 381 – 388.99
GOLD: 367 – 380.99
HIGH SILVER: 355 – 366.99
SILVER: 335 – 354.99
BRONZE: 316 – 334.99



    The two competing performance levels (Apprentice or Company) should be determined at the discretion of the teacher. These two levels will apply to all Age Divisions.


    Our entry level of competition. This performance level will be open to dancers who have minimum training and competition experience.  We encourage those that are still working on double pirouettes to register at this level. *Please note these are guidelines for the levels. It is not mandatory that you enter the Apprentice Level if you are new to the dance competition world.


    Our premiere level of competition. This performance level will consist of dancers who are well acquired with the competition world and who are looking to make a career in dance. Only those registered in the Company performance level are eligible to compete in our Title Category Division to become OC’s Lead Role. All Line and Productions are required to compete in this level. Soloists competing in the company level may NOT compete in the apprentice level for duo/trio/groups.

    Any misuse of performance levels is at the discretion of Open Call and may result in a point deduction and/or possible disqualification.

    Please contact for further information of performance levels and guidelines.


    Placement Awards

    In addition to the adjudicated awards, if there are three or more entries in a category, a competitive, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place will be announced in each age division and category.

    High Score Awards

    Once each age division and category division have been completed there will be an announcement of the overall high scoring top 5 routines from each age division; Petite, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, & Senior

    ie. Junior top 5 routines from:

    1. Solo • 2. Duo/Trio • 3. Small Group/ Large Group • 4. Production/Line

    Overall High Score Awards

    We will announce Open Call’s Overall High Score for both 12 & Under and 13 & Older. Overall High Scores are divided up between Solo/ Duo/ & Trios and Groups/ Lines/ & Productions. These awards will be announced at each relevant awards ceremony.

    Time Limits

    SOLOS/DUOS/TRIOS: 3:00 Minutes
    SMALL GROUPS: 3:15 Minutes
    LARGE GROUPS: 3:30 Minutes
    LINES: 5:00 Minutes
    PRODUCTIONS: 6:00 Minutes



    The Cast consists of dancers exclusively selected from our regional tour to be part of our Nationals. These dancers will learn a piece, choreographed by a Enrico Rodriguez, to be performed in our Battle Royale Finals on Friday night. In addition to these chosen dancers, all 2017 Regional Lead Role winners will be featured. Registration is $75/dancer, please email to register!


    Those soloists that were awarded Lead Role in a regional city are eligible to compete for our Final Callback Principal Lead Role title. Our Principal Lead Role winners will have a photo shoot and will be featured on our website, social media, and marketing materials. Our Principal Lead Role competition will be held during our Battle Royale Finals on Friday night. 


    Each qualified winner from regionals may register to compete to become the face of Open Call. In addition to submitting your head shot / full body shot you will have a photo shoot on-site, judged by our elite panel, to decide our 2018 cover model! *You may also enter on-site for $35/dancer. To enter, bring an 8" x 10" photo, full-body or headshot, in black and white or color. Please write your name, age and studio on the back of the photo.


    Opening Number with Hannah Frederick:
    Mckynzi Baum
    Anna Beck
    Emma Belmont
    Aaliyah Brannon
    Somo Dedkhad
    Taniya Donnell
    Delaney Drewes
    Madison Evans
    Kaley Ford
    Dylan Gay

    Aiden Gibney
    Quinlan Holt
    Jamie Pergolizzi
    Riley Robinson
    Monica Rodriguez
    Luke Romanzi
    Makayla Santana
    Amanda Skondras
    Sienna Saige Somara
    Halle Taft

    Closing Number with Emily Brown:
    Haley Blakeman
    Deborah Borges
    Blakely Channell
    Kira Chu
    Christa Ford
    Jalin Garcia
    Ariel Griego
    Abigail Jahn
    Regan Lewis
    Elli McElhannon
    Megan Mocker
    Steven Mwesigwa
    Sydney Ozmat
    Kayla Pereira
    Sarina Permi
    Mariah Phommachanh
    Lillie Rook
    Sophia Sprahue
    Ashton Unland
    Julia Watson
    Laura Watson
    Jocelyn Wood