We present an extraordinary opportunity for the innovative young dancer: Join our PULSE Crew! Our PULSE Pink Crew is made up of local dancers who are interested in a weekend internship with The PULSE and Camp PULSE. 

Gain invaluable work experience in the dance industry while attending our exciting dance event. As part of our Crew, you will have the chance to see how a huge tour like The PULSE & Camp PULSE is constructed and establish important contacts in the dance world that will serve you for the duration of your career. Your duties will not cause you to miss any of the dance curriculum offered at the event; you will instead be offered a remarkable opportunity to enrich your experience with practical hands-on training in industry-related skills. Get behind the scenes with us!

Applicants must be at least 15 years old, professional, prompt and eager to learn. Crew Members must arrive by 3:00pm on Friday.

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